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Jesse Mazer wrote:

> Another possible objection to the notion of a conditional probability
> measure would be the one you mentioned earlier, that it would seem to imply
> some weird idea of a propertyless "soul" that leaps around between different
> observer-moments (each defined as a certain computation, perhaps). I would
> point out, though, that there is a nice symmetry between this difficulty and
> a similar difficulty in understanding the meaning of the self-sampling
> assumption--what does it mean to say that "I" should reason as if I had an
> equal probability of being any one of all possible observer-moments? How
> could I be any observer-moment but the one I actually am? Perhaps a skeptic
> would caricature the self-sampling assumption by imagining a bunch of
> propertyless souls that have to draw straws to decide which observer-moment
> they'll end up "becoming,"

Souls are aware in any fashion they choose. They can choose temporally
consciousness, or they can experience any form of omniscience the current level
development allows. Since from a spiritual perspective time is an illusion,
this characteristic
allows one to see the future, the physical causal landscape is for the most
part, a static map
that is traversed, not a progression causal laws in time.

> but I don't think the difficulty visualizing what
> the SSA means really counts as a strong argument against it. Similarly, I
> don't think the difficulty with visualizing what "conditional probability"
> would mean is a strong objection to the idea, "leaping" nonwithstanding.
> >From a first-person perspective you can see pretty clearly what it would
> mean--if I am about to step into a machine that will replicate one copy of
> me in heaven and one copy in hell,

Well if you're gonna use spiritual keywords, I'll comment as the resident
spiritual expert.
You can be here, in heaven, and in hell all at the same time. Sampling is'nt
applicable since
one *is*what is experienced. There is no time anywhere but the physical realm.
Hell is torture only for those who can't transcend it. People visit heaven from
an earthly
perspective anytime they experience joy.

The idea of having to move your locus of computation to experience a realm
does'nt jive
with the spiritual experience.


Robert W

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