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Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 15:42:52 -0700

Jacques Mallah writes:
> >From:
> >You continue to characterize those who disagree with you on this issue
> >as insane. Do you mean this literally? Or is it just a rhetorical
> >technique, argument by intimidation and rudeness?
> No, it's not a rhetorical technique. Why would it be advantageous in an
> argument to be rude?
> I do mean it quite literally. As far as I can tell, there people
> believe in illogical and dangerous things, for no apparent reason. It's no
> different than if they believed they can fly.

So you believe these people are insane, that they are mentally ill.
You believe that they perhaps would benefit from consulting a doctor.
Perhaps they are even a danger to themselves or others?

What category of mental illness would you attribute to those who
believe in quantum immortality? Looking at the list of disorders at, the most likely possibility seems to be
Delusional Disorder,,
or perhaps Schizophrenia. These are the ones which mention delusions,
which is apparently what you consider this belief to entail.

Tell me again that you are serious. You actually believe that people
who disagree with you on this matter suffer from mental illness
and delusions? Do you believe that a mental health professional who
gained an understanding of the multiverse concept and had explained the
alternative interpretation would diagnose these people as mentally ill?

Despite the difficulty of the concepts, the slipperiness of the reasoning,
the many alternative interpretations, you are so convinced of your own
correctness that you think someone must be insane to disagree with you?
Not just wrong or mistaken, but insane?

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