Re: UDA last question (was UDA step 9 10).

From: Joel Dobrzelewski <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001 08:08:33 -0400

Bruno and fellow Everythingers...

Sorry I've been disconnected for a while. I think Bruno's last message has
really helped me to understand the Universal Dovetailer.

> Some of those computations will generate the 3-states corresponding
> to my "preparing coffe 1-state". Because we accept comp. Now if I
> prepare a cup of coffee, my brain will go through a sequence of
> states (third person describable computational state, at the right
> level of description of myself). and I have pick one of those
> state---like in a duplication experiment).
> So the UD generates that state eventually (by going through a
> computation which emulates my doing or dreaming of doing that cup of
> coffe).

So the Universal Dovetailer simply enumerates all possible states for "me".
(Whatever "me" is, is unimportant). And somehow, these states are joined by
their similarity to one another, which allows (virtual) motion from one
state to the next.

So, if I am currently sitting in the state of "sitting at my desk", I have
several realities branching off from this one where in the next moments I am
"rising from my chair", or "still sitting at my desk", or "petting a white

But I am left with one nagging question:

1) Where is Time?

1a) What governs the trajectory of one's awareness through all his/her
possible states?

1b) What defines the current state?

1c) How do I get from one state to another?

1d) Isn't this "awareness", and its motion path necessarily "outside" those
states and the Universal Dovetailer?

Since I am into cellular automata, I always assumed that time is implemented
naturally... by the automaton... from one tick to the next - just like a

Can we really assume UD* exists? Doesn't it take Time to execute UD?

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