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From: Russell Standish <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 11:43:23 +1000 (EST)

No - it has a different function. The FAQ is more like a review
article of the discussion on the email list, which in turn is like an
unrefereed journal. We do need to get articles into the refereed
scientific mainstream where we can. These form more solid islands
within the "swampy peninsula" of speculation you so aptly call
it. These more solid bulding blocks act as "seeds" and "anchors", from
which our comprehension will grow.

This list has already refereed the "Why Occam's Razor paper", and it
is a better paper for all the constructive criticism it received.


Hal Ruhl wrote:
> Dear Russell:
> One reason I started to put together a FAQ for this list with the
> organizational pattern I selected is that we seem to be pushing a somewhat
> swampy, narrow, shifting peninsula of new comprehension into the sea of the
> unknown. This list itself may consist of a large fraction of those who are
> interested in our mutual "hobby" enough to be able to act as referees.
> The FAQ itself as I saw it would/could be more "journal" than otherwise.
> Unfortunately my life has changed to the extent that I will have little
> time to participate in the discussion and work on the FAQ outside the
> Northern Hemisphere winter.
> Hal

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