Re: lowly complexity

From: Marchal <>
Date: Mon Jul 2 09:48:15 2001


>I keep wondering: Exactly how does the Turing Machine read-write head move?
>What propels it? What is fluid motion?

You can conceive a Turing machine as just a table of
number controlling an unbounded one dimensional cellular automata.

But honestly I see it, either through a simple minded godelian
arithmetisation as a (Godel) number, or a second order number
naming a computable entity or describing nameable relation
among numbers.

I'm afraid, Joel, that you are still under the influence
of the mermaid's songs.

I have also favorised some universal system. My first one was the
genetical regulation system (in Escherichia Coli), my second one was
Peano Arithmetic, my third one was Z80, then Lambda Calculus, LISP, LOGO,
the Curry Combinators, First Order Logic, Higher Order Logic, Post
creative sets, Sigma_1 sentences, but also Cellular Automata,
Fractran, Games, Surreal Numbers, N body system,
... The most crazy one, I think, are rotations in Hilbert Space! ...
Well perhaps my first one was my brain or my body, but I was not aware
of the "universality" at that time, nor was I aware of the
universality of myself and ourselves.

>Certainly. Do you have one [QMUCA]for sale? How does it work? ;-)

Unfortunately I don't have a quantum minimal cellular automata to sale.
Well, not even to use.
Worst: I have not even the time to answer how does it work.
Do you know how does quantum computing work in general?
The quantity of information you can gather
on the net about quantum computing is huge ...
But beware the mermaids ...

>Yes, I think I agree too. The representation cannot matter.
>So we agree the universe is a computer.

So are you.

>Now what is it running? Which
>program is it executing?

It executes all programs. The apparition of physical appearances
is given by an average of (relative) first plural person point of
view of sound self referentially correct universal machine.
The average is taken on the relative consistent extensions.
For that we need to find a measure. (As you know I am not the
only one searching a measure in this list).

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