Re: Introduction (Digital Physics)

From: Marchal <>
Date: Sun Jul 1 08:11:41 2001

Joel Dobrzelewski wrote (in part):

>Note: I have neglected to mention explicitly that I believe this
>complicated, god-like friendly entity is *us*.

What do you mean by *us*?

   Joel Dobrzelewski and Plamen Petrov?

I tell you Joel, if by "us" you really mean *us*, the universal
machines, well I can understand but I would not bet we are all

>If I understand your work correctly, Bruno, you are not far from
>this idea as well. As you say, our physics (the world we see now)
>is just a branch of machine psychology.
>We are all mecha - pretending to be orga.

Yeah ..., some feel superior.

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