Re: Introduction (Digital Physics)

From: Joel Dobrzelewski <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 11:59:36 -0400

> If two worlds within this everything are contradictory or not
> consistent with each other, with no common ground, how exactly do
> they interact?

Well I believe the universe is strictly local and completely homogeneous at
the bottommost layer. So even though two worlds/cosmoses may be very far
apart, eventually the information from one will reach the other. There they
will interact, although the result may be completely unexpected from
anything that was happening in the two worlds when they were apart, and
their inhabitants may be long since gone.

> I imagine all possible programs for all possible universes. If there
> were a single program running the whole show, I would ask, why that
> program?

Because that one program runs all the others. All the others are embodied
by the larger computation.

Any program that instantiates "all programs" should be as good as any other,
don't you think? All of these superprograms souuld be equivalent, since
they all do exactly the same thing. Yes?

> As I mentioned in my reply to scerir, we can't avoid self-referential
> problems, however, if we try to represent or describe ourselves.

But if we are merely three-dimensional bit sequences - 3D movies, then all
we have to do is find a program that generates our movie. But instead of
looking for our particular movie, it's easier to find the program that
generates all movies... which must necessarily also generate ours. I don't
see any problem with that description. It's all bits.

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