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From: Marchal <marchal.domain.name.hidden>
Date: Thu Jun 28 08:30:32 2001

Hi Joel, hi All,

This thread is not for those who are already convinced by the
UDA proof (or by their own arguments, that eventually the physical
emerged from all machine dreams/histories (first person (plural)
point of view). i.e. comp entails physics is a branch of
"machine's psychology".

By comp I mean the hypothesis that you can survive with a digital
artificial brain. Survive is taken in the grand-mother sense,
(although much latter I will also "eliminate" the "grand-mother",
but then it will be technical).

Comp just means there is a level of description of "yourself"
such that you survive a purely functionnal substitution made at that

More operationaly: a computationalist practionners is someone who say
"yes" to his doctor when the doctor proposed an artificial digital brain
(in case of some fatal disease for exemple).

Later I will explain why, if we are machine, we cannot really know
for sure our level. In the thought experiment I always suppose
comp, and I will always suppose the copies are made at the right level,
perhaps serendipitously. (actually: necessarily serendipitously!).

My first question, Joel, is simply : does this makes sense for you?
Can you imagine saying yes to the doctor? And can you imagine that you
survive the substitution? With this survival following from comp, and
the correctness of the level chosen.

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