Re: Introduction (Digital Physics)

From: Marchal <>
Date: Wed Jun 27 06:31:19 2001

Serafino Cerulli-Irelli (scerir) wrote:

>Christof Schmidhuber wrote an interesting paper, along that path:
>"Strings from Logic"
>"What are strings made of? The possibility is discussed that strings
>are purely mathematical objects, made of logical axioms. More precisely,
>proofs in simple logical calculi are represented by graphs that can be
>interpreted as the Feynman diagrams of certain large-N field theories.
>Each vertex represents an axiom. Strings arise, because these l
>arge-N theories are dual to string theories. These ``logical quantum
>field theories'' map theorems into the space of functions of two parameters:
>N and the coupling constant. Undecidable theorems might be related to
>nonperturbative field theory effects."

Thanks for this interesting reference. It seems more readable than
other papers by Christof Schmidhuber.

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