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--- Joel Dobrzelewski <> wrote:
> Now, if you're going to argue that photons might
> come in fractional values -
> in the form of "probabilities", then I must
> necessarily ask...
> What's a probability?
> How does the universe perform probabilistic
> calculations?

Would probabilities exist if there were no one around
to percieve them?

> On its infinite analog slide rule?
> By flipping a coin?
> What's a coin? How does it fly through the air?

Does anything fly? Or does the coin exist in a
state-space which can be observed from many
perspectives, including one we call flying?

> What is air? What's a
> slide rule? What's a fraction?
> It's a vicious cycle. We need to get down to some
> answers. We need to be
> able to compute it.

YOu mean constrain perception to an easily calculable

> Cellular automata do this just fine.

I think that system of being aware of things is fine
for that realm in which you need to see things, and
see things that way.

> Do you object to that?

I object to what I see as an attempt to constrain all
viewpoints to a particular way of seeing.

I think your idea is fine. A tool for seeing things
from a given vantage point. I'm sure there are other
vantage points worth visiting, and tools needed to see
from those perspectives as well. I don't think anyone
would arge against descretization as a tool for
seeing. I think people would complain loudly if one
insisted his way of seeing was the only way.

Robert W.

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