Re: Introduction (Digital Physics)

From: Joel Dobrzelewski <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 06:02:18 -0400

>> Really? So what is the exact circumference
>> of a circle with a diameter of 2 inches?

> 2pi.

> The exact circumference is pi. Really, where did you
> learn your mathematics!

And please explain for me how this calculation involved
the continuum or infinite binary expansion of the symbol
"pi" in any meaningful way.

All you have really said was:

2 * broccoli = 2 broccoli

I am unimpressed.

It seems to me there is a great deal more information in
PI than just the 2 bytes it takes to convey it in an email

Maybe Mathematica was a poor choice for your
counterexample, since it too runs on discrete hardware
and software that could easily be run on a CA.

So far you have not convinced me that a CA could not
perform these same calculations.

Do you have some other example?

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