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From: Joel Dobrzelewski <dobrzele.domain.name.hidden>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 14:29:42 -0400

Hello again...

I'm finding these (older) discussions about flying rabbits to be quite
interesting. :)

Let me inject these thoughts...

1. The absence of flying rabbits from our (apparent) collective history does
not seem to me to be evidence that they do not exist in other worlds. Nor
does it seem to suggest that flying rabbits are less likely than hopping
ones. These conclusions appear to be based on the shaky assumption that the
history of the world is in fact what you have been told it is.

2. Some worlds will contain observers that *intentionally forget* about
their past histories (ala virtual reality). Do you remember anything before
you were born? If not, then how do you know you did not have a million
flying pet rabbits as child in a prior life? (I've been told that flying
rabbits are in fact more common than hopping ones!)

3. Flying rabbits have been seen in dreams and other altered states of
consciousness. Are you sure dreams aren't _this_ simulation's way of letting
you explore those alternate worlds? (As are hallucinogenic drugs,
schizophrenia, etc.)

Our world is just one in an infinite collection.
Eternity is a long time.
Everything is happening.

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