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From: George Levy <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 14:09:25 -0700

Marchal wrote:

> Do you think the dream and awake state are symmetrical?
> I am not sure. It seems to me that in the dream state you can realise
> you are dreaming, but that in the "awake" state you can never realise
> you are awake. "awakenings" go from more relative inconsistencies to
> less relative inconsistencies.
> (To be awake is akin to <>t, to be
> dreaming is akin to []f, at least in a first approximation.)
> Bruno

Dream and awake state are in principle symmetrical. Here are four points to cover
all bases:
1) Knowing you are dreaming: A lucid dream is a dream in which you know you are
2) Knowing the Plenitude: Someone who believes 100% in quantum immortality leads a
life akin to lucid dreaming. (Also valid if you replace quantum immortality by God
or Heavens).
3) Not knowing you are dreaming: In some cases you are dreaming but do not know it.
For example, a nightmare would not be a nightmare if you knew you were dreaming.
4) Not knowing the Plenitude: Someone who does not believe in quantum immortality
(like most of us) takes his life so seriously that when it turns for the worst it
become a "nightmare." Belief in quantum immortality eliminates the "seriousness" of
bad experiences.

Yes I do think there is a symmetry between dreaming and being awake. The critical
issue is BELIEF: whether you believe you are dreaming or not and this affects the
CONSISTENCY of what you are observing. Same goes for the "real" world. There may be
a difference only in the "quality of the rendering" just like the difference
between a black and white silent movie and a 3D full color holographic audio visual
display. One could also imagine a super being for whom dreams would be in full 3D
color. So in principle I don't see any difference.

I just want to clarify the idea of "shared" dreams. I think we must relate this
idea to the concept of "objective reality" that is the sharing of a common "frame
of reference" between different observers.
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