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Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 00:23:22 -0700 (PDT)

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> Robert W. wrote:
> >I also mention it because it seems that much of the
> >dicussion here is forcing understanding through
> >symbolic logic.
> There is no way to force understanding.

Ok, demanding understanding be found through symbolic


> You know there was a time when people believed that
> the
> 5th postulate of Euclide geometry was a consequence
> euclidian, etc. Modern logic help us to forget
> syntactical
> symbolic derivations.
> This is liberating the mind.

Sure, great.

You've missed my point.

> IMO logic is just a polite way for
> helping others (including oneself) to realise they
> have
> prejudices.

Logic is a powerful tool for analysis. Some use it
intuitively, you people seem to have mastered
formalized, symbolic logic. That's great.

My point has to do with the way you folks seem to be
trying to understand *everything*. Logic will always
play a powerful role in understanding and analysis.

I am basically trying to say, there are ways of seeing
and understanding that transcend sequential thinking.

Maticulously wondering a search space, with logic or
any other method, only reveals what's in that space.
It does not help one see outside of the space.

I'd love to be expert enough in logic and mathmatics
to demonstrate all the brick-walls I see intuitively,
unfortunately, I am not now, or likely to be good
enough in formalized systems of logic to do so.

I was hoping to call attention to other facilities we
all posses to expand understanding in areas that seem
to defy understanding.

> Bruno

Robert W.

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