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From: jamikes <>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 09:24:31 -0400

George wrote:: (Tuesday, May 01, 2001 3:40 PM):
> If logic (or some form of logical model) is not the vehicle for describing
> reality, then what is?
> George
Describing what?
can we "think" of anything beyond the OM (including evtl. 'memories' in it,
similarly as momentary mind-content)? Do we (in-mind) have knowledge (- what
is it?) beyond that what is IN MIND? now if we call the mechanism of mind a
"logic", do we have anything else to use for a thing named "reality", which
exists for us only in our mind ? (And let me skip the question: "who's
Do we have any clue to distinguish the OM-stuff from our mindcontent?
Consequent arguing curls back to solipsism, no matter how revolting it is.
So, while subscribing to George's sentence - in total, I have to question
the use of the word 'reality'. Reality is MY virtual interpretation of
thoughts about - what I believe - is the world "outside". So are the
"objective" instrumental measurements with their explanations.
As Dr. Johnson said: the only reality is a stone in my shoe, because it
Does it really, or do I only think it is?
John Mikes
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