Re: Combined response Re: Computing Randomness

From: Marchal <>
Date: Tue May 1 12:28:08 2001

Hal Ruhl wrote:

>I appreciate the conversation so I will try to build a common reference so
>each additional step to my model can be built on that base and individually
>commented on. As requested these are definitions and terms relevant to my
>model not necessarily to established mathematics.

You should try to make your model part of established mathematics.
Not for the glory, but for making it comprehensible.

>1a) FAS: A symbol string judge. It can judge all possible symbol strings
>either "acceptable" or "not acceptable".
>1b) My FAS contains a single symbol string that is given to be acceptable
>called its axiom.

Let us say.

>1c) The axiom contains all the allowed symbols - the alphabet.

Why not put the fridge in the bottle of milk?

Contain in which sense and why ?

>1d) My FAS contains a set of rules for identifying additional acceptable
>symbol strings with the axiom as the basis.

If you give us a precise FAS, then give it to us. If you are defining
a collection of FAS, then give us an example.

>1e) My FAS contains the rule that any acceptable string contains the
>encoded FAS as a prefix.

It looks like your FAS is a self-delimiting UTM. Is that it?

>I believe my FAS meets the requirements to make it a FAS in the accepted

Not yet. Have you try to implement your FAS, or its computational part
in some programming language?

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