Re: Revised Computing Randomness & the UD

From: Hal Ruhl <>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 12:58:22 -0700

Dear Bruno:

Unfortunately I still miss some of your posts because of the absence of a
date stamp, my mailer puts them way at the top of my list since I save all
of some categories of e-mail.

I found one from last week which I will respond to soon. However, here is
an addition to my latest response.

6) The UD as I see it is a FAS in its own right. It is generating a proof
"in" itself. There is no "out" or we would be discussing just a piece of
the Everything. I would call this proof a deterministic cascade since
there are no other proofs of any of its outputs [no "in coming branches]
and it is unique at each step [no outgoing branches].

Now I consider myself in favor of the idea that some input from a random
oracle is required in a SAS supporting universe so I am posing my arguments
in an effort to defeat determinism in such a setting.

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