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From: George Levy <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 10:09:36 -0800

Hi Hal

The purpose of my post of september 99 was to clarify some of these issues and
terminologies. I am still not an expert except for my own position... I certainly
could not speak for others.

A possible method for performing the tasks I outlined below may be to
decentralized them... In effect assign each one of us to present in his own web
page the documents I have outlined below...and simultaneously have each web page
linked to the other ones... thus providing the appearance of a coordinated
system. If somehow, we could use the same presentation software, then the
ensemble would really look like a single system. Each site could even include an
index for the whole system as well as a section for the owner of the site where
he could expound his own TOE. This approach has the advantage of being absolutely
egalitarian as well as of providing each author with the appropriate credit and

This approach leaves many questions open such as who will be the administrator of
the network... could there be no administrator, with all decisions based on a
democratic process?


Hal Ruhl wrote:

> Dear George:
> Back in Sept> of 99 as part of a post you said:
> -------------------------------
> There is a need for the following:
> 1) An index of acronyms and ideas such as ASSA, RSSA, COMP, COMP2,
> observer-moments.... and the published ones such as QS, MWI etc..
> 2) Short definitions of these ideas with the author or champion of these
> ideas maintaining such definitions.
> 3) Posting a set of FAQs related to each idea
> 4) A (preferably short) paragraph *for* the idea written by one or several
> champions
> 5) A (preferably short) paragraph *against* the idea written by one or
> several challengers.
> 6) A (preferably short) rebuttal paragraph by the champion
> 7) A (preferably short) rebuttal paragraph by the challenger
> 8) A list of references such as the obvious articles by Tegmark and the book
> by Deutsch with short synopsis (couple of lines) of what these references are
> about.
> The first step is to compile the index, and have volunteer to champion them.
> Any suggestions regarding the mechanization of such scheme?
> It will make it much easier to argue about positions when we understand
> exactly where we stand and where the other participants stand. This would
> avoid a lot of repetition and needless arguing.
> -------------------------------------
> Is there any chance you might be willing to help me on the FAQ project I
> started?
> Yours
> Hal
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