Re: The FAQ re the White Rabbit Conjecture

From: Marchal <>
Date: Mon Mar 12 06:59:33 2001

>My intent with the FAQ is to create a guide to the archive and display the
>various current model threads at the same time. It is my hope that
>eventually the various model threads will converge. As a guide it is
>reasonable to include at least a definition of "White Rabbits".
>It would seem from the responses to my post [varied] that it may need a
>slot in the question section as well.

About white rabbits and other flying pigs those are simply
introduced to explain the measure problem we get with
the everything hypothesis, or in particular with the comp

I have sometime distinguished some third person and first
person white rabbits but that was contextual answers.
"mine" are always first person one.

I will print
hoping having time to read it carefully next week-end.

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