Re: (Quantum) suicide not necessary?

From: James Higgo <>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 19:24:52 -0000

It seems so obvious to me that 'self' and 'time' are an 'illusion' (i.e not
representative of an external reality) that I have barely mentioned it.
That's Eastern Philosopy 1.01. Thank you, Robert, for pointing that out.

I'd also draw the list's attention to a paragraph in Robert's last post that
most members will have missed because they stopped reading much earlier,
having developed mystic-fatigue:

"Again to restate the irony I perceive, the experiment
mentioned involving altering memory, is in effect,
what mystics do to transcend the physical. They
actually train themselves to ignore the memory that
binds them to this place, making the free to see what
their consciousness perceives constantly, but could
not grasp or pick out from the noise. Another example
of this is sensory deprivation. "

This is an interesting point.
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> > > There is no 'you'. 'You' don't 'travel'. There
> > are just different observer moments, some including
> > 'I am Micky and > I'm, sick'.
> >
> >
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> >   So? This is trivial. We still percieve ourselves
> > as continuous beings,
> I think you missed it. I interpret what he's saying to
> mean that I-ness is an illusion. It implies to me that
> one's perception of time, integral to I-ness is an
> illusion. So one moves around an expression space
> depending on viewpoint.
> The perception of being continuous in time is illusory
> in my view. We are already all things we can be,
> except in consciousness. Those bound to temporal
> thinking lack the consciousness to transcend it.
> Robert W.
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