Re: on formally describable universes and measures

From: George Levy <>
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2001 12:03:38 -0800

Brent Meeker wrote:

> On 03-Mar-01, George Levy wrote:
> > I do not view these so called "parallel" universes as *separate*. It's
> > really one single multiverse and the wave function exists in the
> > multiverse....
> How can this multiverse have a single wave function when it is supposed
> to have different physical laws in it's different constituent
> universes? This seems to be just poetry, in which the meaning of words
> is considered infinitely malleable.
> Brent Meeker

Great comment which shows why you and others do not understand the full
implications of first and third persons perspectives. There is no single
set of physical laws that spans the whole plenitude. In fact, the plenitude
includes all possible physical laws. To be more precise, physical laws are
first person phenomenons that are defined by the characteristics of each
conscious point (observer moment, or "I") Thus, consciousness and physical
laws emerge together, and are reflections of each other. They occupies the
same logical domain and are bounded by the same limits. A transition from
one conscious point (observer moment) to the next must be logical at the
conscious level and simultaneously at the physical law level. Consciousness
exists because of the physical laws (causality), and the physical laws exist
because of consciousness (anthropy). This is why the world makes sense and
also why we don't see white rabbits.

Propagation of the wave function is the logical linkage between conscious
points. It appears to obey "universal physical laws" only because third
person perspective is an illusion supported by the fact that different
observers share the same logical/physical reference frame.

I am not sure what the "orthodox" MWI but I know there are many variants. My
opinion on this matter is probably one of the most extreme in this group.
But, once you start travelling along the MWI path, you've got to go all the
way. I believe that it is the only logical approach and is unavoidable.

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