Re: (Quantum) suicide not necessary?

From: Brent Meeker <>
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2001 10:40:58 -0700

I checked out your website, but it still seems to me there is a big gap
between saying all universes with physics that are consistent with the
WAP are experienced and saying that all thoughts (observer moments)
exists. In the later case there is no explanation for the seeming
existence of coherent sequences of thoughts such as 'me', except to say
that if all thoughts exist then this sequence must exist too. The
trouble with this is that an explanation that can explain anything
explains nothing.

Brent Meeker

> Before I was blind but now I see.
> I was the one who came up with the expression, 'Quantum Theory of
> Immortality', and I now see that it's false - and all this stuff in
> this thread is based on the same mistake. See , a
> site dedicated to the idea.
> There is no 'you'. 'You' don't 'travel'. There are just different
> observer moments, some including 'I am Micky and I'm, sick'.
> Even thinking in your passe Newtonian terms, how can a universe in
> which 'you have a disease' be the same as one in which 'you do not
> have the disease', just because you don't know it?
> I see why Jacques gets so irritated by this type of thinking, but it's
> nice to see him back on the list now & then.
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