Re: on formally describable universes and measures

From: Marchal <>
Date: Tue Feb 27 11:01:51 2001

Jacques Mallah wrote:

> Pourquoi "hurluberlu"? Expliquez-moi ce mot (en anglais), s'il vous
>plait. (Je ne parle pas francais!)

I cannot explain what "hurluberlu" means, except that it means
crackpot. Sort of total fantasy ...

>I really don't know what you mean by "concrete". If you believe there's
>a UD, you believe there's a UD. If not, stop sounding like you do and tell
>us in plain "anglais" what you mean. I am sure the distinction is totally
>irrelevant. Math is math.
> In any case, you either believe that it implements the computations, or
>you believe that it doesn't. If the latter, then it certainly can't be a
>candidate for any kind of TOE.

Math is math, but is physic math? By a concrete UD I was meaning a real
actual one, like the one I have implemented on a macintosh SE/30, and
has been running during two weeks in 1990 at Brussels.

Of course I postulate here some "physical universe" as a local decor.

Look, to be sure we are using "impIementation" in the same sense, I quote
yourself (from
<<In turn, a computation is
associated with a physical system only if it has been implemented
by that system. Implementation is usually taken to mean that there is
some direct correspondence between the formal states of that computation,
and the states of the physical system, which can be described

So either you believe there is only math (including computer science and
all computations), then "implementation" is a emerging concept, as are
anything linked to physical predicates.
Or you believe there exists something "physical" per se. Then indeed
you can defined implementation in a sense relative to that physicalness.
In either case you need to define it. And you *know* in either case it is
a problem: mine and your's.

> The "third person view" is fully capable of describing the entire
>situation. (Notice that _I_ never use the term "3rd person view"; a better
>term would be "actual situation".)

Actuality is a first person concept. 3rd person view is everything
you can communicate in a scientific manner without taking into account
the subjective view of a person.

> It seems to me that I need to repeat myself a lot here.

You are not the only one. It's part of the game.

>Hey, what's the french word for "crap"? I bet it would sound much more
>elegant ... unless the french just stole it.

Crap means "merde" according to my dictionnary. Is it true "crap" means
You know "merde", isn't it?, The famous word used by the general Cambrone
during the Napoleonian wars ...

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