Re: A FAQ document proposal for this list

From: Hal Ruhl <>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 20:59:14 -0800

Dear Bruno:

OK - I will try your approach.

At first I had felt that one could not mount much of a disagreement over
whether or not a given word could be found in the archive.

However, I now think it better to bite the bullet and go directly to a list
of questions.

Given the nature of the list I think any reasonably written answer to a
given accepted question should be posted regardless of how many individuals
initially think it is or is not a reasonable answer. The poster could then
remove his answer if he later accepts another posted answer. This may aid
the emergence of at least some answers that are accepted by the
majority. I also think we should find a place to post questions that are
not given general acceptance. This could help prevent the process from
having a premature narrowing.

I will try to post my own initial offerings in a day or so.


At , you wrote:

>Better: do a list of questions (of the faQ) before. Send it
>to the everything-list. We will see if we agree on the questions,
>and perhaps on the answers.
>That could help us agreeing on our disagreement ...
>It is of course quite to much early for a definitive
>evrything-FAQ, if ever that could appear.
>Remember that what is nice in this list, are our very
>discrepancies and the fact we continue to argue.
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