Re: 3 possible views of "consciousness" +

From: <>
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 23:45:59 EST

> In this way of looking at the setup, the intelligence and
> consciousness of the AI reside soley in the counting clock. The
> Humongous table is simply a translation device that maps the clock's
> representation to your representation.

John Regehr <>:
> ... we observe that the smallest computer program that models the
> behavior of the clock is short, while the smallest computer
> program that models the ... table [is huge] ... think twice
> about calling the clock intelligent and the table just a translator.

Ah, but the table is so complicated only because it needs to map
between the clock representation and your native representation, which
is horribly convoluted! In the representational transformation
(included in my original message) where you too are mapped to a clock,
the humongous table becomes a null operation: there's no lower
algorithmic complexity than that.
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