Re: My proposed model - short form

From: Marchal <>
Date: Fri Nov 10 07:12:34 2000

Hal Ruhl wrote:

>9) N-bit, ifc-FAS are composed of:
> a) A finite theorem set [no more than 2^[N + c] as per AIT.]

Such sentence makes me doubt we are using most elementary
logical terms with the same meaning. Even propositionnal logic has
an infinity of theorems. i.e. A->A, A->(A->A), A->((A->A)->A), etc.

Perhaps you should give an example.

>1) Is "nothing" stable with respect to "everything" - Yes or No?
>2) Is "everything" stable with respect to "nothing" - Yes or No?

What do you mean by "nothing" ? The empty set ? (In which theory ?),
The null theory (In which logic), the physical void (in which frame?).

What do you mean by stable ?

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