The Role of Consciousness in a Multiverse

From: Marchal <>
Date: Wed Oct 25 08:01:14 2000

Russell Standish wrote (in the FOR list):

>Now if you follow my Occam paper, or alternatively if you prefer, read
>Bruno Marchal's thesis, the physics of the observable world can be
>"derived" from these psychological properties (ie properties of

Thank you Russell for referring to my thesis.

In a recent (and written in english!) paper, which will appear in
a special issue of TEORIE E MODELLI,
I present my thesis as a radicalisation of Everett's point of view.

With the kind permission of Vincenzo Fano I have put the paper
in PDF format in my web page. The title is ``Computation, Consciousness
and the Quantum".
I also elaborate a little my computationalist critics "against" Bohm's
hidden variable approach in the foundation of QM.

The french thesis and my new short english paper can be find at

Critics (by Everythinger or FOR fan) are wellcome.


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