Re: The Rapidly-Accelerating Computer

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Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 14:40:50 -0700

Saibal writes:
> Yes, this is inherent in the construction of the CSO. s(t) has to be
> smaller than 1 for any finite t. But what about transfinite values for t?
> Since transfinite numbers can be described in a mathematical consistent way,
> it is possible to define a mathematical model of the CSO surviving beyond
> s(t) = 1 . Following Tegmark one should thus believe that the CSO will
> experience this moment.

I had made a similar point in my message at The way I posed the
question was, can you have a universe with two subsystems, such that one
sees the other do an infinite amount of computation? This gets away
from what I see as arbitrary assumptions about which one's measure of
time is "correct". I agree that the question relates to the existence
of transfinites, and that this fits better into Tegmark's approach than
Schmidhuber's. Even in a UTM universe though we could postulate a TM
which executes an infinite number of steps.

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