Re: How to win the lottery in an open universe.

From: Russell Standish <>
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 08:09:27 +1000 (EST)

Yes, this idea has been discussed a number of times on this list, and
one person even owned up to attempting it. Whilst it makes a nice
thought experiment, it is not to be recommended in practice. Murphy's
law prevents it from working in the way you expect. You might like to
browse the archive on the subject of "Quantum Suicide".


Saibal Mitra wrote:
> Alex buys lottery tickets and gives these to me. I check if he has won. =
> I then hold a gun against Alex's head. If Alex has not won the gun is =
> loaded else it is unloaded. I then fire the gun. After the experiment =
> only copies of Alex remain that have won, and Alex is therefore 100% =
> sure to win the lottery.=20

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