Re: Extra Terrestrials

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Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 23:35:12 EDT

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> There is no objective relationship between 'your present observer
> moment' and any other, let alone 'us' and 'our descendants'.
> James

James, you may be fundamentally right, but such relationships are emergent
properties which we perceive and give meaning to our lives. In fact it is
likely that our whole world is emergent from the plenitude which is itself
void of information because it precisely has all potentialites. So our world
does have information and meaning while the plenitude has exactly zero.

Your approach is as barren as the plenitude. If we were to take it as a basis
for discussion we wouldn't get very far. A very important question is whether
measure decreases or remains constant upon death. How would you solve this

George Levy
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