Re: PhD-thesis on Observational Selection Effects

From: Russell Standish <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 11:20:40 +1000 (EST)

Jacques Mallah wrote:
> >From: Russell Standish
> >Is Nick even aware of your counter argument to the QTI? From my
> >perspective, I seem to be only person taking you argument seriously
> >enough to criticise it!
> I don't know how closely Nick has followed this list.
> But the opposite is true - I'm the only one taking you, and the other
> crackpots on this list, seriously enough to try to dissuade you of that RSSA
> idiocy. And I'm only doing it on the premise that this may one day prevent
> a suicide.

I have presented my own arguments as to why quantum suicide is quite a
stupid strategy. And also by corollory, why euthanasia is morally
indefensible (which is interesting, because I used to think euthanasia
was a good idea!). I appreciate your efforts at providing a counter
argument, and was initially impressed by it. Any theory worth
believing should be tested for consistency - both internally and with
observational evidence. However, your argument relies on an assumption
(the ASSA) which on reflection I don't believe to be true. I have
stated my (meta-)reasons why I don't believe the ASSA is correct.

The RSSA is merely a way of formulating what we think the SSA should
be for this type of argument. To date, it appears to be consistent
with QTI, but by no means demands immortality to be true.

It would be interesting if someone could come up with an experiment to
distinguish between the ASSA and the RSSA, without commiting quantum
suicide (which for other reasons I believe is a bad idea).

It is also interesting that the ASSA and the RSSA can be formulated
independently of whether an absolute measure exists for observer moments.


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