Re: The Anthropic Principle Boundary Conditions

From: Marchal <>
Date: Mon Jun 5 07:28:00 2000

George Levy wrote:

>First the name itself "observer-moment" presupposes the concept of time. It
>implies a infinitesimally thin slice of space-time with dt-> 0. (i.e.,
>moment). I find it difficult to believe that such an entity could be the
>"atom" of cognition. I rather work out with a slice in logical space than a
>slice in space-time. By slice in logical space, I mean a slice involving a
>single elementary logical process. In this respect I am leaning toward the
>approach advanced by Bruno, that physics should be a branch of psychology.

So the problem here is to define what is a "single elementary logical
without using space-time like concept.

You should perhaps mention that the "psychology" aspect will come from
the fact that the "slices" in logical space are different according to the
point of view of the observer (1 or 3 or 1-plural point of views ...).

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