Re: Natural selection (spinoff from "History-less observer moments")

From: Jacques Mallah <>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 08:58:01 -0700 (PDT)

--- Russell Standish <> wrote:
> Jacques Mallah wrote:
> > No, the RSSA is incapable of comparing the
> > measure of two different people because it denies
> > that measure means anything except "relative" to
> > one person. The only type of "third person"
> > events the RSSA can be used for, are really just
> > events seen by the "same person" but which don't
> > happen to affect that person's survival.
> Not true. Multiple observers sharing the same
> history will see the same RSSA measure (or effective
> probability) for third person events
> (independent of any of the observers). Their only
> disagreement is over measure of events that affect
> one or other of the observers -
> particularly if that event results in the death of
> one of the observers.

    Which doesn't address what I said! This is not a
case of multiple observers, sharing the same history,
comparing the effective probabilities of "third
person" events. It's case of multple observers, not
sharing the same history, estimating the effective
probability of being the sort of person who is *born
into* various types of biological/historical situations.

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