Re: I'm hunting wabbits

From: Jacques Mallah <>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 16:10:29 -0700 (PDT)

--- Fred Chen <> wrote:
> Jacques Mallah wrote:
> > If b was random, the continutation r will
> > probably also be random, but now we lose the
> > specific information about the exact specification
> > of b. If b was simple, the continuation will
> > probably also be simple.
> > In both cases, consider R = sum_r p(r) p0(r)
    [later I said R = sum_r sqrt(p(r) p0(r))]
> > where p0(r) is the probability distribution of
> > continuations for an empty string, ie is the
> > universal distribution.
> So, wouldn't p(r,b)=p0(r+b)?

    I think p(r,b) (meaning the probability of the
continuation r given string b) is p0(r+b)/p0(b).

> So p(r,b) is large(r) for r, b both random or r,b
> both simple.

    Not quite (if I understand you correctly). If b
is random, r is probably also random, but for any
fixed b and fixed r the p(r,b) when they look random
will be very small. However, the sum over all
random-looking r's of p(r,b) will be large.

> If b is simple, but r is random, that is probably
> your wabbit. The remaining case (b random, r
> simple) - order out of chaos, also seems unlikely.

    I don't think it's that simple. The wabbits, I
think, are present when b is not too simple or too
complex but still contains a lot more "interesting"
information than would be expected based on the
anthropic significance of b in a
    Foiled again by that wascally wabbit!
    Another possibility is to somehow define wabbits
based on exactly the above idea. Who knows exactly

> There is no trivial representation of p0(b) in terms
> of its possible truncated segments, is there? You
> would have to capture all possible relationships
> between the segments, etc., right?


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