Re: Turing Machines Have no Real Time Clock (Was The Game of Life)

From: Fred Chen <>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 13:10:41 -0700 wrote:

> Turing Machines have no real time clock and no interrupt. If we assume the
> comp hypothesis (purely based on Turing machines) and the anthropic
> principle, then the flow of consciousness can only be constrained by the
> logical nature of the links pernitting transitions from one observer moment
> to the next. Time therefore is an illusion derived from such a logical flow.

It is interesting that we observe macroscopic systems tending to greater disorder
(Second Law of Thermodynamics) which follow a flow of time parallel with the flow
of our experienced consciousness (or observer-moments or whatever). If this is
not parallel with the flow of the underlying computation (Turing machine or other
form), would not the computation 'time' be the fundamental, 'objective' time?

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