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> Renormalizing, one must choose > arbritrarily
> a reference unit Y; then the absolute measure of X can be stated as
> M(X)/M(Y).

OK. Both of us take a ratio. At least we have this in common.
  Normalized Measure = M(X)/M(Y).

The difference between us is that:

1) I constrain M(Y) to be the absolute measure of the observer himself such
that the normalized measure of the observer (as observed by him) is precisely
one. All his other observations are similarly normalized according to his own

2) You believe that M(Y) can be (more or less) arbitrarily chosen.
> I can estimate my effective probability, but only by assuming that
> the laws of physics we see dominate the measure distribution. A
> reasonable assumption, perhaps. Also, the term 'me' would have to be
> precisely defined first - e.g. my current observer-moment, or the set
> of
> all such in "Jack Mallah"'s life; etc. If the latter, and in THB
> (Typical
> Human Being units), I guess my absolute measure would be approximately
> in the range .2 - 1.5
> This whole mailing list is based on the hypotheses 1) there exists
> some way to get predictions out of the AUH and 2) the result could be
> consistent with our observations. I don't apologize for the fact that
> no one knows how to do it yet; that's what research is all about.

OK. I grant you the latitude that our research group implies: uncritically
discussing uncertain issues for the purpose of furthering our understanding.
I accept the fact that your method of computing measure is so-to-speak "under
construction." Please note that with my method your condition #2 "the result
could be
consistent with our observations" holds for the observer himself.

BTW I checked the site gave.
Interesting. This paper is definitely not porcine effluent. It outlines some
research in pig farming with much more down-to-earth and lucrative potential
than our theorizing in this group.

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