RE: Descartes was plain wrong?

From: Higgo James <>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 11:51:26 -0000

As for paradoxes, I refer you to any issue that has been debated hotly on
the everything-list, for example the Quantum Immortality issue (see also Standard paradoxes such as those associated with
time also apply, as well as the old free will chestnuts.

Multiverse is David Deutsch's word for an MWI universe-ensemble, including
all possible universe 'snapshots'. Plenitude is a word favoured by the
everything-list because it doesn'th have the accredtion of paradoxes that
has begun to cling to multiverse.

Sadly I can't write in much detail as I'm at work but reading the
everything-list archives would be a good use of any spare time you have. I
cc'd the last post to the list because I liked what I wrote, and I have cc'd
this at your suggestion.


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> On Tue, 22 Feb 2000, Higgo James wrote:
> > I'm not set up for that - but the key point is I *do not* have to exist
> for
> > the thought of you reading my e-mail to exist. In the multiverse, all
> events
> > do exists, all thoughts, including that one, do exist, but they are not
> > related to each other in any objective way. So the fact that I think I'm
> > sending an e-mail and you think you're receiving it does not imply a
> > relationship between the two. It's coincidence, if you like, but in an
> > infinite plenitude all coincidences happen. We make the silly assumption
> > that there are causal, temporal relationships, and this leads to
> paradoxes.
> If you have a web browser with java support, you may use a link that I
> have set up that will allow you to use AIM --
> I am afraid I don't understand your meaning with words such as:
> multiverse, plenitude, etc.
> Can you give me an example of how "real world" events and thinking
> (about real world events) leads to paradoxes? For insance, can you
> give me an example of a paradox?
> Scott
> ps: I notice that you cc'd your letter to me to the list.
> Was that intentional?
> pps: I haven't posted to the list because the listserv is
> stupid and although it will deliver to me, it thinks that I am not
> on the list. etc. If you did cc: to the list by choice, would
> you also please respond to this one and cc: the list? Thanks!
> Hello everything list!
> I have been working on issues such as this, in my spare time, for
> about a decade. I am extremely interested in discussing views
> on this subject either in IRC (EFNET), AIM or Email. Please
> email me directly if you would like to chat.
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