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> This shit's sounding sillier by the second.
> I'll note, once again, that "quantum suicide" does not *move* you
> to the surviving branches. Those branches would have existed anyway. All
> it does is kill off what would have been perfectly acceptable copies of
> you.

I could argue that my version of time travel instead of killing off branches
that would have existed anyway, CREATES new branches where you are not there,
that is creates those branches where your suicide is successful, and
preserves those branches where your suicide is not successful. This argument,
however, would fall on deaf ears especially if those ears are connected to a
head that believes in an absolute objective reality. No one, however, has any
proof of any objective reality. The only fundamental fact which is knowable
is a purely subjective fact, "I think," as Descartes said.

No matter how you look at it, the whole justification for QS depends on the
assumption that there is no decrease in "measure" as seen by the first
person, which in turns depends on the renormalization of measure at
everypoint. Since I do not buy the concept of objective reality, I do not
believe that measure decreases as seen by the first person, and therefore I
believe that measure is renormalized at every point as seen by the observer.
This is where Jacques and I differ. He believes in an objective and absolute
reality and I believe in a relative and subjective one.

This being said, I am absolutely opposed to QS on moral principles. I think
that is is possible to evolve a morality emergent from a relativistic point
of view of the world.

George Levy
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