Re: AUH/MWI/UDA (Was: Everything is Just a Memory)

From: Marchal <>
Date: Wed Feb 9 02:39:52 2000

Fred Chen wrote:

>Can it be argued that the "simplicity" (of QM interpretation, computational
>implementation) of MWI gives it a larger measure among other
>possibilities? Or
>is it the large number of worlds generated by MWI splittings that would do

Fundamental question. I say both.
It seems to me that the "simplicity" or the Universal Prior would explain
why there is no WR in our memories/past (ASSA-like explanation).
... and that the large number of computations/worlds; generated by
splitting-like process would explain why we are staying in
"normal" (= without WR) stable computations/worlds, i.e. why we should not
*expect* WR. This comes from the fact that our "future" is determined
by all our 'reconstitutions' in the UD*. (RSSA-like explanation).

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