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From: Alastair Malcolm <>
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 10:52:05 -0000

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From: Fritz Griffith <>
> SSA - you can assume that you are a single sample within the entire
> plentitude of observer moments. The reason there are physical laws is
> because of the same laws of probability that govern MWI. BTW, I would
> disagree that the Strodinger equation is derived due to the WAP. The WAP
> cannot explain the physical laws - only the constants within the laws of
> physics. If the WAP governed probability alone, you would see chaos to
> brink - but not quite to the point - of an inability to survive.
> As I said, the measure problems are the same whether you use MW or my
> observer moment theory.

If by 'measure problem' it is meant that the WAP on its own predicts 'chaos
to the brink' (because our measure should be highest for chaotic universes -
the WR problem), then the measure problem is potentially solvable for AUH
(All universes hypotheses), but not for your single observer moment theory
(without an additional assumption, as mentioned in my earlier post). The
underlying reason for this is that any minimum information specification
that includes our universe (say a physicist's TOE) can be considered as
simpler than a (near) *explicit* specification of a single observer moment,
with all the attendent complication of a mechanism that can support any
possible human memory (not to mention thought, emotion, creativity and
so on). Again, see my web site or Russell's Ockham paper for more details.

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