Re: Dreams and Machines

From: Torgny Tholerus <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 13:31:26 +0200

Bruno Marchal skrev:
> On 22 Jul 2009, at 14:12, Torgny Tholerus wrote:
>> What do you think about the GoL-universes? You can look at some of
>> those at . If you have an initial
>> condition and you have an unlimited board, then you can compute what
>> will happen in the future in that universe.
> What is an unlimited board for an ultrafinitist. (Ok, that was perhaps
> easy).

An unlimited board is a board that is "enough" big. How far away you
look, you will see no border of the board.

>> These universes are
>> universes with a two-dimensional space and a one-dimensional time.
>> These GoL-universes are mathematial universes. They have an initial
>> condition and a mathematical rule that defines how that universe will
>> look like in the next moment, and the next next moment, and so on.
>> Does this make sense for you?
> Those are not universes, but computational histories.

What is wrong with computational histories? If you can explain
everything in our universe with a computational history, why do you need
anything more?

> Assuming comp there is a first person indeterminacy, which makes
> "physical appearances" or "physical universe" emerging from the
> infinity of such computational and universal computation. I suggest
> you read the UDA papers. I guess you were not yet on the list when I
> explained why "Wolfram" sort of computational physics, based on
> cellular automata, does not work.

Yes, I was not on the list then. And all the time when I have been on
the list, I have wondered what COMP is?

> And quantum mechanics confirms this by giving indirect but strong
> evidences on the existence of many statistically interfering computations.

I do not believe in that quantum mechanics implies statistically
interfering computations. I believe that quantum mechanics is
deterministic. Microcosmos looks indeterministic just because we do not
know yet what is happening at the Planck scale. You must think of that
a quark is times bigger than the Planch
length, so many things can happen in that interval.

Torgny Tholerus
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