RE: Everything is Just a Memory

From: Marchal <>
Date: Fri Jan 21 09:24:23 2000

>Fair enough, I do make assumptions about what you believe consciousness to
>be - something along the lines of what Russell has said: a sequence of
>related thoughts in time.

Well, I would say an atemporal set of branching and fusing consistent
observer moments (worlds). And I see consciousness as the way
a machine, from its 1-person perspective, feels his unconscious
inductive infernce of its own consistency. Time, space, matter are
first person construct from machines embedded and defining that
atemporal set.
The 'real' structure (with our without measure) should be extracted
from the self-reference logics. But yes, there are relationship with
Russel, Levy, and others (with you too, BTW).

>As for suffering and other emotions: If you'd read my paper, you would find
>the quote: "Mere suffereing exists, but no sufferer is found" - Buddhaghosa,
>VISUDDHIMAGGA; (The Path Of Purification), 5th Century AD

I do have read your paper. (it's one of the reason I quote Buddha).

So you accept the existence of suffering, but not of the sufferer.
I guess you accept consciousness exists, but not the existence of the
suffering person. OK, but that is a different problem (less grave) and
we have discussed it in our old posts-exchange where I pretend
only a person can be conscious.

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