Re: Dreams and Machines

From: Torgny Tholerus <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 14:12:27 +0200

Bruno Marchal skrev:
> Le 22-juil.-09, à 10:27, Torgny Tholerus a écrit :
> Rex Allen skrev:
> Brent:
> Do these mathematical objects "really" exist? I'd say they
> have
> logico-mathematical existence, not the same existence as
> tables and
> chairs, or quarks and electrons.
> So which kind of existence do you believe is more fundamental?
> Which
> is primary? Logico-mathematical existence, or quark existence? Or
> are they separate but equal kinds of existence?
> The most general form of existence is: All mathematical possible
> universes exist. Our universe is one of those mathematical possible
> existing universes.
> This is non sense. Proof: see UDA. Or interrupt me when you have an
> objection in the current explanation. I have explained this many
> times, but the notion of universe or mathematical universe just makes
> no sense. The notion of "our universe" is too far ambiguous for just
> making even non sense.

What do you think about the GoL-universes? You can look at some of
those at . If you have an initial
condition and you have an unlimited board, then you can compute what
will happen in the future in that universe. These universes are
universes with a two-dimensional space and a one-dimensional time.
These GoL-universes are mathematial universes. They have an initial
condition and a mathematical rule that defines how that universe will
look like in the next moment, and the next next moment, and so on.

Does this make sense for you?

Now look at a mathematical universe that have somewhat more complicated
rules, and that mathematical universe looks exactly the same as our
universe. The same things happens as in our universe, and there is an
object there that is calling himself Bruno, and there is another object
calling himself Torgny...

(By the way, I think it is better to use the notion "010110" for
strings. Then B_1 will be {"0", "1"}, and B_0 will be {""}. Then it is
more clear that B_0 contains one element.)

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