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Date: Mon Jan 17 06:49:39 2000

Hi everythingers,

I have been invited to make a talk at the 26th Dubrovnik
Philosophy of Science Conference.

I forward you Michel Ghins's information (with his kind
autorisation) because the topics are quite
relevant with our discussion.

I apologize for possible duplication of this message.




THEMES : The three topics for 2000 are :

-Philosophy of Biology
-Causality, Laws and Explanation
-One Hundred Years of Quanta

DATES : April 10-15.

THE CONFERENCE is run in a very informal fashion. We make up the schedule
only a day or two in advance, depending on who is present at the time. If
you arrive you will be fitted in. I don't plan to write again with further
information ; on the other hand, please let me know of your intention to
come (by the end of February, if possible). That way we can get a good idea
of what to expect and can plan accordingly.
If you want to call me, I'm at either : office : +32-10-47 47 84 or home :
+32-2-771 33 95, e-mail : ghins.domain.name.hidden
You can also contact other organizers of the conference :

James R. Brown (University of Toronto) jrbrown.domain.name.hidden
David A. Davies (McGill University) Ph14.domain.name.hidden
James McAllistair (University of Leiden) mcallister.domain.name.hidden
Srdan Lelas (University of Zagreb) Slelas.domain.name.hidden
Elena Mamchur (University of Moscow) Emamchur.domain.name.hidden
Michel Ghins (University of Louvain) ghins.domain.name.hidden

PRESENTATION : This is an international conference. While English is the
working language, it is not the mother tongue of the majority of your
listerners. So, it is more than usually important to be clear. Talks
(perhaps with a handout or transparencies) are preferred to readings. The
presentation should be no longer than about 30 minutes. (If you could bring
outlines or copies of your paper, it would be much appreciated).

THE I .U.C. : Sessions are normally at the Inter-University Centre, located
just outside the old city. It was badly damaged in the 1991 bombardment,
but has been beautifully re-built. The sessions usually start at 9:30 am. A
US$20 registration fee will be charged.

GETTING THERE : Travel to Dubrovnik is easy since there is an international
airport not far from the city. However, you may have to fly through Zagreb,
which will cause some delay due to long stopover there. You can also fly to
Dubrovnik directly from some other cities such as Rome or Paris.
There also is a slow but very scenic route : Go to Venice ; take the
morning train to Trieste (2 hrs) ; noon bus to Rijeka (3hrs) ; afternoon
coastal ferry to Dubrovnik (22hrs cabins available). It's a very nice trip,
if you have the time. Be sure to double-check the times ; they may change.
The situation is constantly changing, especially in light of increasing
tourism, so be sure to check with your travel agent.

ACCOMMODATION : The Hotel Lero is the most convenient place to stay. It has
been completely refurbished last year and is cheap : the full board IUC
rate is about $US 32 per day. The Lero's phone is +385 20 411 455 and their
FAX is + 385 20 432 501. Another good place to stay is the Hotel
Argentina. It is fancier but more remote and more expensive : the half
board IUC rate is about $US 66.. Their phone is +385 20 440 555 and their
FAX is +385 20 432 524. It is wise to reserve early, and be sure to mention
that you would like the IUC rate. Private rooms are also widely available
in town and booking is made on the spot at the main bus station ; but make
sure you don't stay too far from the old city.

As for safety, there is nothing to fear and tourism is flourishing again in
Croatia. You may, however, have other misgivings about travel to this
region. It's perhaps worth mentioning that the I.U.C. has long been a
bastion of enlightened internationalism - during the cold war and through
the recent troubles. Your attendance would help support this institution,
not the forces of reckless nationalism.

Professeur Michel Ghins
Institut Supérieur de Philosophie
Université Catholique de Louvain
Place du Cardinal Mercier, 14
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

e-mail : ghins.domain.name.hidden

Tel (office): +32-10-474784 +32-10-474616 FAX : +32-10-478596
Tel (home) : +32-2-7713395

 Bruno MARCHAL Phone : +32 (0)2 650 27 11
 Universite Libre Fax : +32 (0)2 650 27 15
 de Bruxelles
 Avenue F.D. Roosevelt, 50 IRIDIA, CP 194/6
 B-1050 BRUSSELS Email : marchal.domain.name.hidden
 Belgium URL : http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal
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