Re: Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 19:02:34 +0200

On 30 May 2009, at 23:08, wrote:

> Has anyone on this list ever heard of this? A theory of reality
> formulated by Christopher Michael Langan?
> It sounds a little sketchy at first, though not entirely different
> than some of what Bruno Marchal says.
> Obviously the main reason to pay much attention to it is that Langan
> has an IQ of between 190 and 210. Which kept me going past the first
> paragraph, which is when I would otherwise have stopped.
> But, after further reading it sounds somewhat more plausible. I'd be
> very interested in hearing Bruno's opinion.

It is a physicalism in disguise. There is also a confusion between a
mathematical object as a tool to represent other object, and the other
And using set theory in that setting is a curious choice, given that
set theory is known to flatten the concepts. It is the reason what
mathematician prefer category theory, or specific theories ... I mean
sets? Which sets? It is very unclear how the different notions are
related. I can appreciate its apparent open mind on religion, but I
don't see any effort to solve problems, nor any clarification of
problems. Langan seems not to be afraid of being appreciated by those
who want to be mystified instead of understanding.
But then if you have a link on a real precise theory or results, you
can let us know, but my opinion is that it is not really honest, or if
it is, then it is presented in a very awkward. To give set a
fundamental status is really like saying you should do everything in
FORTRAN. Unless you have a good original reason to use sets, but then
you should give it.
Rereading some parts I am not sure at all he even try to say
something, ... pervert the usual meaning of the terms. He makes
complex simple ideas and hides somehow its naive view of Plato, making
me a bit nervous even on points where I could imagine some sense
there ...
Hmm.... Pompous and Boring, if you ask my opinion.


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