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From: Fritz Griffith <>
> My answer to you is that it is simpler for the laws of physics to directly
> control what you "dream" about than for the laws of physics to control a
> universe, which feeds you inputs, which forms what you dream about.
> are always simpler without a 3rd party intermediary. So, conventional
> science is definitely a productive anvenue to explore, because it explains
> the laws of our "dream". As for MWI, I am not a true solipsist because I
> believe that all possible dreams exist in the plentitude. For this
> everyone I know is a zombie in my dream, but in all of reality, they are
> not, because the dream that would correspond to their reality does exist,
> even though it does not interact with mine.

One of the problems that I have with your intriguing hypothesis (which I
also consider
briefly on my web site) is that it appears to fall foul of the White Rabbit
problem: the measure of copies of yourself having recent memories of small
but unambiguous deviations from the known physical laws should be greater
than memories of a fully physically ordered world ... unless there is some
extra factor that gives high measure to physical-law-subscribing memory
traces (obvious candidate factor: the memories relate directly to real
events governed by physical laws). Without this factor, statistically you
should be having memories of violated physical laws.


Many Worlds discussions start at:
(Note on conscious instants in Appendix 1)

PS. You might just be interested in Julian Barbour's time-free cosmology as
described in his recent book 'The End of Time' (and summarized in New
Scientist 16th Oct), though this is more '3rd person' than '1st person'.
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