Re: Temporary Reality

From: Kim Jones <>
Date: Thu, 07 May 2009 08:14:03 +1000

On 07/05/2009, at 4:33 AM, wrote:

> The purpose of my questions was to question the suggested advantage of
> using atheism as the [preferred] fixed point from which to view the
> universe [by a person].

OK - the only advantage I am suggesting is that atheism be seen as a
"staging post" to a future, more "correct" theology. As such, atheism
could be serving a strictly beneficial purpose at this time. Why I
refer to it as temporary reality. It may actually be necessary to be
wrong about something to provoke the mind to jump off the rails of its
habitual patterns of recognition in order to open up the perception to
something hitherto unseen. This is what Lateral Thinking does. By
being openly wrong or outrageously inaccurate about something, the
local equilibrium of the mind is perturbed and the possibility of
"movement" can follow. Your suggestion that a relationship with God
expands consciousness is fine. IF such a thing were true THEN the
conclusion follows. I also offer the thought that IF God exists THEN
we may have to ditch all organised religion at some stage to allow for
"correct theology" to see the light of day. This process actually
appears to be underway in many parts of the globe which is why I'm
talking about it.

Bruno's suggestions about the "nature of God" (a person, a thing, a
mathematical "truth", an experience of altered states, a relationship
etc.) is the kind of thought that would probably only occur to an
already-expanded consciousness.

> As part of the process of calling Kim's
> suggestion into question, I'm suggesting the the consideration of the
> possibility that the fact that we are persons is more profound than
> simply being inescapable, but is fundamental.

Couldn't agree more. If you want my tuppence worth on this I say we
are all of us "God". Religion says that Man was made in the image of
God. Well, it could obviously be the other way around. Whatever the
relationship, it is clearly a symmetrical one.


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