Re: Consciousness is information?

From: Kelly <>
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 22:24:47 -0700 (PDT)

On Apr 26, 11:40 am, Bruno Marchal <> wrote:
> The question is; what are their relative probability measure? What can
> I expect.

Any expectations you have are unfounded. The problem of induction

Any probabilities arrived at empirically are suspect, they will
continue to hold for some Brunos but not for all...

But there's really not a better option that I can think of, so we
might as well stick with our expectations and probabilities.

Not that we have a choice, since free will is an illusion also...

> Without giving me a measure, it is like your theory predicts
> everything.

Right, it does basically predict everything. Except an end to
experience. There is no sweet, sweet release of death if I'm right.
There will be no final rest in the comforting embrace of oblivion.
Only the endless grind of a weary existence.

>This is contradicted by the fact.

How so? What fact? You know for certain that you are the only
Bruno? You know for certain that there aren't parallel realities
containing Brunos with different experiences? How did you come by
this fact?

Is it a fact, or just a belief?

> If I want coffee now, I
> know all to well I have to do something for that. Sorry but I cannot
> wait for a white rabbit bringing me my cup of coffee.

God helps those who help themselves. However, some Brunos are more
fortunate with respect to helpful rabbits than other Brunos. Stay

> > I say that every possible event is perceived to happen, and so nothing
> > is more or less rare than anything else.
> It has to be at least in the relative way, if not your theory predicts
> all happenings, even in practice, but the facts contradict this.

Again, what facts? If everything was happening in alternate versions
of reality, how would you detect this? What facts do you possess that
rule this out?

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