RE: Everything is Just a Memory

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Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 08:17:01 -0800

James Higgo writes:
> Nothing links two observer moments objectively. It is only we who say 'ah -
> that moment must follow this one, to satisfy our laws of rationality' - that
> doesn't mean their is any objective significance to our endeavour.
> Again: nothing links two observer moments. All you are and will ever be is
> this very idea.

It seems to me there is objective connection between observer moments,
based on the laws of physics and state evolution. If state B follows
from state A by the time evolution described by a simple set of laws,
it can be said to be linked to A.

This approach says nothing about observers per se. One state of a flowing
river can be linked to another if the one is the time evolution of the

Time is an objective phenomenon, just like space, and the simplest laws
of physics which describe our universe will include the notion of time.
Once you have time and space you can objectively define the continuous
evolution of system state over time. This lets you objectively link
observer moments, when the systems involved are observers.

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