Re: Altered states of consciousness

From: Kim Jones <>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 17:02:00 +1100

On 20/03/2009, at 6:08 AM, Johnathan Corgan wrote:

> In the terminology of the theories expounded on this discussion list,
> what sort of observer moments correspond to these 1-pov experiences?
> How are they distinguished from those that correspond to consensus
> reality? Most people would dismiss the subjective experience of
> hallucinogens as merely the chaos induced by chemically disrupting the
> brain's operation, yet a large fraction of the reports in the
> literature
> are anything but chaotic.

Why would people dismiss the subjective experience of hallucinogens as

That would suggest that millions upon millions of people on the planet
who daily do drugs are indulging in an experience of chaos. Whoever
thinks like this lacks an education in drugs and should attempt to do
something about that. Humans, properly fed, clothed, looked after,
educated will ALWAYS seek to alter their consciousness somehow by
using substances. You do it every time you consume an omelette.

Millions of people drink coffee which has a powerful chemical impact
but nobody ever shows concern for their 1-pov experiences. Why the
special pleading for drugs? It's all just substance of one kind or
another. People create an artificial straw-man issue out of drugs
constantly. It's like the current witch-hunt into pedophilia.
Pedophiles are lurking under every leaf so watch out kiddies!

I'll be damned if I smoke a joint and sit down to compose music and
rubbish comes out. Never happened yet. Drugs, properly used are an aid
to civilisation. They give kiddy winks Ritalin don't they? Ever tried
it???? You wonder why they make cannabis illegal.

I'm far more worried about my partner who strips butt-naked in the
shower to clean the bathroom with chlorine bleach with the windows
closed. Now that is what I call playing with mind-altering substances.

A little salvia, a little dope, a little coffee, a little red wine, a
little chocolate, a little kiss....


> If one adheres to the consciousness-as-computation hypothesis, what
> sort
> of computations are involved in these cases?
> Johnathan Corgan

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